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oak + mini is a boutique babies wear brand based out of Brooklyn, NY.

We make useful and effective (also, ridiculously good looking) gear for babies. (Most of the time - sometimes we just make bad jokes.)


WHY oak + mini?

You buy and try a lot of stuff when you have a baby. It’s a confusing, expensive, and strange new world... Not to mention the rate at which your little bebe grows.

We believe in creating practical products you will actually, you know, use. That they happen to look and feel amazing is completely irrelevant.

Through our innovative and super trendy designs, we seek to make life easier (and more fun!) for those that need it most - the parents!





oak + mini was founded by Faith. She grew up surrounded by the children's rag trade (thanks to her mother) - this is the result of Faith's love of tiny humans.

Faith is passionate about making sure families have access to meaningful and stylish products that make everyday parenting as seemless as possible. She's the brains and creativity behind our products.

You might even find her doing star jumps or funny faces behind the camera to make our little baby models smile (hopefully the wind doesn't change).



Matt is our business + numbers man. It's always good to have one of those.

He's forward thinking and a big picture kinda guy. He's constantly trying to find ways to create and deliver meaningful products to our community - he pushes us all to think outside the box - Go, Matt!.



Mia is our social butterfly + community manager (luckily for you, she's a real friendly lass).

Mia handles all that social online stuff and also takes terrific photos. I mean, look at them! As if Mia didn't already do enough, she's also there if you guys need any help - just hit us up. and she'll be right on it - bit of a superwoman, hey!?